Activities of Commerce Wing

Commercial Wing of this mission looks after the bilateral trade issues between Bangladesh and the United States. The wing provides all possible supports to the exporters as well as importers. Responsibilities of the wing include :

i. Provide trade facilitation;
ii. Help resolving trade disputes between the exporters and importers;
iii. Collect, analyze and disseminate product and market information;
iv. Work in getting market access for Bangladeshi products in the US market;
v. Inform the Bangladesh Government about the updates on US trade and commercial policies and issues;
vi. Explore market potential for export of Bangladesh products in USA and recommend to the appropriate stakeholders for necessary action;
vii. Inform any relevant trade information to the concerned stakeholders;
Viii. Remove trade barriers;
ix. Search and facilitate investment opportunity

Commercial Wing is represented by the following officials:


Md Salim Reza, Commercial Counsellor
Email :
Phone : 202-244-4698 (Direct), 202-244-0183 Ext. 326


Abul Hashem, Personal Officer
Email :
Phone : 202-244-0183 Ext. 324