Activities of Economic Wing

Activities of the Economic Wing :

i. Coordination with World Bank Group, IMF & USAID on behalf of the government of Bangladesh;
ii. Facilitate US investment into Bangladesh;
iii. Facilitate opening of FC (Foreign Currency) Accounts and purchase of Wage Earners’ Bond by Bangladeshi expatriates in USA;
iv. Mobilization of AID from US and other accredited countries;

Economic Wing is represented by the following officials:


Md. Mahadee Hassan, Economic Minister
Email :
Phone : 202-244-4639 (Direct), 202-244-0183 Ext. 229
Cell : 202-597-8176


Md. Lutfar Rahman, Personal Officer
Phone : 202-244-0183 Ext. 227
Cell : 571-337-8729


Md. Abu Hashan, Administrative Officer
Email :
Phone : 202-244-0183 Ext. 231
Cell : 571-634-9645