A Bangladesh passport is a travel document issued by the Government of Bangladesh ONLY to its citizens for the purpose of international travel. It must be either in the custody of the bearer or of a person duly authorized by its bearer. If lost or destroyed, the fact and circumstances must be immediately reported to the Passport Office in Bangladesh or the nearest Bangladesh Mission and to the local police authorities.

Issuance of a passport can be denied on grounds of suppression of facts or submission of incorrect information. Any willful damage to passport or unauthorized changes/corrections on a passport will render it invalid.

To save your valuable time and to enable us to serve you better, please visit and submit MRP application online.  You will receive a receipt after successful submission of your MRP application.  Please print your receipt and bring the same at the Embassy for bio-metric endorsement.

Please check the spelling and accuracy of the data that you have provided while submitting your online application since these will be reflected in your passport.

Requirements for first time MRP:

(a) Fill-up online MRP Applicantion Form please;
(b) One copy of color photograph with white background taken recently within the last six maonths (size 55x45mm);
(c) Photocopy of the current passport with original;
(d) Photo copy of 17-digit Birth Certificate or National ID Card;
(e) Nonrefundable Money order/Bank Draft/Certified or Cashier Check of US$ 110 (for Ordinarry Delivery) / US$ 220 (for Express Delivery) payable to the ‘Embassy of Bangladesh’;
(f) Proof of Occupation (if applicant is Engineer, Physician, Researcher, Teacher, Student, Driver or any special occupation). For Private Service, no proof of occupation is required;
(g) Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicant is married);
(h) Proof of non-US citizen or any foreign national (Photocopy of Green Card/Permanent Resident Card or Work Permit or I-20 etc). If US citizen or any foreign national, please provide a photocopy of Dual National Certificate.

Requirements for MRP Re-issue/Renew: Please Click Here to read and Application Form for MRP Re-issue/Renew

Attention: CLICK HERE to know guideline for submission of Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Online Application

Service by Mail:

A self-addressed prepaid envelope for return mail service preferably USPS Certified with tracking number /Express Mail Flat Rate (from US Post Office) / UPS or FedEx Prepaid label by the applicant. Your passport will be sent to you once it is received from Dhaka.  The return envelope is not required if the applicant wishes to collect the MRP (Passport) from the Embassy physically.

Processing time for MRP:

Application and requirements are received at the counter between 10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except holidays. Delivery time is from 3:30–5:00 p.m.

Please note that the Bangladesh Embassy needs at least 30 to 45 days (45-days for Ordinary Delivery / 30-days for Express Delivery) to process the MRP application. Therefore, all new applicants for MRP are requested to come to the Embassy well in advance so that the Embassy can process his or her request for MRP in a timely manner.

1. Please check the spelling and accuracy of the data that you have provided while filling in your application form since these will be reflected in your passport and fulfill all requirements to avoid any delay in processing;
2. Any misrepresentation of facts may lead to cancellation of MRP at any time.

In case you face trouble viewing the above website and/or submitting online application in Internet Explorer, it is advisable to try a recent version of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Useful Information:

  • Embassy address:  Embassy of Bangladesh, 3510 International Drive NW, Washington, DC 20008
  • For mobile enrolment camp at various states, Applicants are requested to use only regular hard copy application form :


Please bring complete application form for appointment of the bio-metric endorsement at the Embassy/Enrolment at Mobile Camp to save your valuable time.

For further enquiry,

Please dial: +1 202-244-0183 Extensions: 105 / 115
Fax: +1 202-244-7248 / 202-244-2771
Email: (MRP only)